Dr. Bruce Ellis

Dr. Bruce Ellis is the Senior Director of Professional Development for TCEA, a non-profit educational technology organization helping educators around the world to engage students using technology in innovative ways. Bruce assists teachers, librarians, administrators, and technology directors in gaining the skills necessary in the areas of integrating Google Apps for Education, iPads, project-based learning, flipping the classroom, 21st century skills, as well as other areas so they can effectively engage students in the classroom. Having been in the public education arena for more than 20 years, Bruce has taught elementary, secondary, and graduate level students. He has also been an instructional specialist and the Director of Instructional Technology for a large urban district. He has a masters in educational technology and an educational doctorate in curriculum, instruction, and assessment in secondary and higher education. He enjoys working with classroom teachers and gets excited when they have those 'aha!' moments of how to use technology to make a positive difference in the lives of students.